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I am Alexander Horn and this website shows my photographic work.

This website has selections of my photos from three different categories, fetish-photography, photo-design and event-photos. I have divided this to show the different sides of my photographic work. While my main focus is on fetish photography, another, new but increasingly important part of my work is in other photographic fields - suchas experimenting with lights and refractions as well as new objects to take pictures of. For example: Can you capture the aura of a 50 year old car in a photo? Certainly an interesting experiment.
Alexander Horn
One of my favourites and also the main subject of my work is latex fetish and fashion. The fetishistic imagery I create has a unique aesthetic that goes beyond the usual fetish material that is mainly focused on sex.

I have a different approach:
The concept is to capture the beauty that a person in latex or in bondage can have without diving into the depths of pornography or sleeze while keeping a sense of realism. To achieve this, I do not use nudity or sexual poses because my photographs are not meant to arouse but rather to showcase the beauty that this strange and bizarre world of fetishism can have.

Lifeliness and authenticity are very important aspects of this concept - they are achieved by adhering to the basic principles of my work: The girls in my photos are not paid models but rather friends who actually enjoy what they are doing and are never forced to do anything they do not want to do. As often as possible,I leave the confines of my studio and shoot outdoors or in other "real" locations instead of the clean and controlled conditions in the studio. Adverse effects on the technical quality of the pictures due to bad lighting or other environmental conditions out of my control are usually well compensated by the unbeatable combination of reality and the natural beauty of the scenes shot. In my opinion, the use of color is also imperative to such a reality based concept. While black & white often gives an image a more artistic look, it usually does so by changing the perception of the scene in the eyes of the viewer, thus reducing the level of authenticity by offering a new abstracted view of the motive. This common artistic approach however sharply contradicts the above mentioned concept of authenticity. As a logical conclusion, I use b&w only in those cases where color does not add any contextual depth to the image, which is usually the case where the motive does not offer much color in the first place.

While I do most of my photography digitally today, I try to use as little digital enhancement as possible. I try to take photos that do not need any digital editing but on occasion I use the digital tools available to correct minor flaws or mistakes.

Since 1995, I have published my fetish images on my own "L.A.TEX" website at http://www.l-a-tex.com. I have also produced three music videos for television and created several designs for advertising purposes as well as producing commercials and taking other video production assignments. The "L.A.TEX" website has been one of the most successful websites in the fetish world and was mentioned in several television shows in both the US and Germany as well as in several print magazines like the british "Skin Two" fetish and fashion magazine or the german technology and internet oriented "Tomorrow" and also the very popular and widely read german news-magazine "Stern". I have also personally appeared on several television shows in Germany.

I work out of Bremen, Germany but also travel a lot - very often to the US and mainly Los Angeles where also some of my pictures and videos have been produced.

And now I invite You to enjoy my work.

Alexander Horn