Alexander Horn Since 1995, I have shown my photographic work on my "L.A.TEX" website at "". For several years now that website has been one of the most popular fetish websites in the world, drawing thousands of visitors daily.
My work also includes music videos, including such prestigious work as the award winning "Schall" by "Elektrochemie LK" and the video "Strobelights" by "Alien Skull Paint".

The "L.A.TEX" website also featured short fetish videoclips early on in the 1990s, which have grown in length and resolution over the years, following the same aesthetic and artistic approach to fetishism that has always guided my photographic work.

Press Coverage:
I have been promenently featured in a report on fetishism in Germany's "Stern" magazine.
Two of the leading fetish magazines "Marquis" and "SkinTwo" have repeatedly written about my photography, featured my photos and reported about my website and also my DVD.
I have also appeared on numerous television and radio shows in Germany, including "Arabella" (ProSieben), "Wat is ?" - Jürgen von der Lippe (ARD), "Hautnah" (ProSieben), "Bärbel Schäfer" (RTL), "Andreas Türk" (ProSieben) and many more.

The "L.A.TEX Clipmix" DVD has been released in 2002 and is out of print today. On this DVD, the motion barrier was broken and my photography came to life, featuring the same rubberized beauties seen on the photos.
In late 2002, a large-format deluxe fetish photo calendar "L.A.TEX 2003" has been released.
The fetish anthology book "Sex: Take a walk on the wild side" has been released in 2002 by Carlton Books, UK (In the US by Thunder's Mouth Press). It features eight pages of my photographs.
My pictures were also featured in several issues of international fetish magazines suchas "SkinTwo (UK)", "Marquis (D)", "Fet-X (D)", "Bizarre (UK)", "Massad (NL)" and others.

Alexander Horn

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